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Parking is only permitted on a "hard surface". A "hard surface" means a paved surface of concrete or asphalt.
 The City requires a Driveway Permit to build, lay or construct any driveway.
The City requires a Driveway Permit for repairs to any driveway.
The Building Permit is $300.00. The Board of Aldermen voted at their July meeting to approve the $300.00 fee.



MSD offers a 50 percent rate reduction to qualified low-income, elderly, and disabled customers under the Customer Assistance Program. Below is the link to to learn more about the program.

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Applications for Full-Time Police Officers


The City of Calverton Park is accepting applications for full-time police officers.  For questions, contact Chief Amos.

To complete an application, click here.  

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Need Help with City Services Schedule?


Do I need an Occupancy Permit? Do I need to update my Occupancy Permit? When can I water my yard in the warmer months? Can I use a fire pit in the fall? Don't see the information you need? Give us a call, we will gladly assist you.

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Spire Assistance Programs


Spire offers assistance with rent and utilities to low income individuals and families. click the link below for more information.Spire Assistance Programs

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Use Tax Notice


Use Tax Notice-City of Calverton Park

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Community Development Block Program


Community Development Block Program - Are you a homeowner? Do you need to make some repairs but wonder how to afford repairs? Well, Community Development Block Program may be able to help. Some projects included in the program are HVAC, roofs, removal of  dead or diseased trees and more. Here is the financial qualifications. See if you qualify. Community Development Block Program Financial Qualifications

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