Prosecuting Attorney

The Prosecuting Attorney's office represents the City of Calverton Park in prosecuting violations of City ordinances. The ordinance violations can range from routine traffic offenses to DWI citations. The Prosecuting Attorney also enforces the City's building code and animal control ordinances. The Prosecuting Attorney's Office is committed to providing a forum for a fair and impartial process for persons accused of violating a City of Calverton Park's ordinance.


Pursuant Supreme Court Rule 37.04, all requests for recommendation for an alternative disposition of any charge must be sent directly to the prosecutor’s office henceforward the municipal court will not process any requests for recommendations. It is your responsibility to ensure that a separate request for recommendation is sent to the Prosecutor’s office. Please call the Prosecutor’s office for any questions on the procedures for recommendations at 314-524-1212 Ext 810.

Requests for Recommendations: An attorney requesting a recommendation from the Prosecuting Attorney must submit a separate letter and copy of the entry of appearance as filed with the court directly to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office by mail. If you would like the recommendation returned via mail, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Recommendations will not be mailed without one. Any other relevant documentation (i.e. proof of insurance, reinstatement, restitution, etc.) needs to be provided to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Request for Discovery: An attorney requesting discovery may include this request along with the letter requesting a recommendation. You may pick up reports from the Prosecutor’s office or the requests will be mailed to you if you provide a sufficiently sized, self-addressed envelope with the proper postage affixed. Discovery is governed in accordance with Supreme Court Rule 37.54. All other requests for discovery must be presented to the court in writing with a copy of such request provided to the Prosecutor.

Prosecuting Attorney’s Recommendation – No Court Appearance Required: If the matter does not require a court appearance to accept the recommendation and is payable outside of court, the defendant and attorney must sign the recommendation plea form. The signed recommendation plea form can be mailed in with payment.

Prosecuting Attorney’s Recommendation – Court Appearance Required: If the recommendation includes a period of probation upon a plea of guilty, or mandates a court appearance by the Prosecutor, the defendant and the attorney shall appear in person on the court date provided on the recommendation.

If a case is in warrant status no recommendation will be issued.

Contact Info

Stephanie Karr
Prosecuting Attorney
52 Young Dr. Calverton Park MO 63135
314-524-1212 Ext: 810