Appearing in Court

Mask Required

Due to Covid-19 Increase, the 21st Circuit Court & the City of Calverton Park have issued a Mask Mandate.

  • Masks are manditory in court and at city hall.
  • ONLY DEFENDENTS are allowed in the courtroom (17 & under must have a parent attend court.)
  • We respectfully ask you to stand 6 feet apart from each other.


If your charge does not appear on the Violations Bureau Schedule of Offenses, you must appear before the judge. All cases involved in an accident must appear before the judge. In addition, all defendants age 17 and younger must appear in Court with a parent or guardian.


If your charge appears on the Violations Bureau Schedule of Offenses and you wish to plead guilty you may pay your fine before your assigned court date. The Calverton Park Municipal Division accepts cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover)* or money order for the payment of court fines. Bonds can be posted through the Calverton Park Police Department 24 hours per day.


The Calverton Park Municipal Division accepts payments online. Most tickets appearing on our Violations Bureau List may be paid thru our on-line payment process or call (877) 793-7144 to pay over the phone. Cases in Warrant status may be paid online, however, it is the subject's responsibility to contact the Calverton Park Police Department to verify that bond has actually been accepted.


If you wish to appear before the judge or plead not guilty to your charge, you must appear in Court on the date listed on your citation.


For those needing to appear before the judge, Municipal Court begins promptly at 6:30 p.m.

Municipal Court is held at Calverton Park City Hall: 52 Young Drive, Calverton Park, MO 63135.

Dockets are held on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All individuals summoned to court must sign in on the night of court in order to have their case(s) heard.

All persons attending court are required to pass through the metal detector and are subject to search.


However, please keep in mind that space in the courtroom is limited and court proceedings require a quiet audience.


*Please note all credit card, on-line or phone payments have an additional fee for utilizing the services of nCourt.