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The City of Calverton Park Police Department is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our citizens through professionally supported and trained police offers. Officers strive to provide an environment that will allow citizens to live and work in a safe and secure community.

Mission Statement

The Calverton Park Police Department is committed to providing a safe community and improving the quality of life for all people. We accomplish this by delivering quality police services and enforcing the laws with equity and impartiality. In partnership with the community, we reduce crime through public education, prevention and awareness. In meeting this objective, we demand of ourselves the highest professional standards and dedication to our core values.

The Board of Aldermen of the City of Calverton Park, are pleased to announce the appointment of Chief of Police to Captain Scott Amos.  Chief Amos previously served as Captain on the Calverton Park Police Department.  Prior Chief Buchanan will continue to serve as a part time reserve officer.

 Chief Amos began his service to the City in January 2011.  Since being hired as a Patrolman, he has progressed through the ranks by his diligent work ethics, and extensive  continuing professional training. Chief Amos will continue his role as supervisor of Emergency Management for the City, and he will also continue to serve with the Major Case Squad as needed.    Please welcome, and congratulate Chief Amos to his new position   James A. Paunovich  Mayor

 If you are witnessing a crime in progress or are experiencing an emergency, dial 911.

To have an officer dispatched to your address call (314) 522-3100; press extension 1 to reach a dispatcher.

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Police Department
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